Expert Fertility Support

Join me for 3, 6, or 9 months to support your fertility health, for natural or IVF conception and pregnancy preparation and support.

Choose the amount of time you’d like support, and I’ll create your unique program for you.

The program table below explains what’s included in each program, and the most popular and economical option too. Partners can also have support if needed with the add-on options.

If you conceive whilst on the programme, the remaining owed support will be converted to a Pregnancy Support Program.

The program is perfect if you are:

Preparing to Conceive Naturally

Planning an IVF or Donor CyclePregnant and Wanting Support

Which Program is best?

The 6 or 9 month programs below will offer you the best support and value for trying to conceive naturally. If you later decide on IVF then your program will be adjusted to support you fully.

Which Program is best?

The 3 month program is a foundation for preparing for IVF.  The 6 or 9 month programs are more advanced and a better preparation option if you have more time before your IVF. 

Which Program is best?

The 3 month program is a good support to see you through the First Trimester. The 6 or 9 month programs offer advanced support that changes through the 3 Trimesters of  pregnancy.



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Once you’re registered my PA Heather will email you, and plan the dates for all our meetings and notify me that you have joined.

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Before we get you onto Step 3 for treatment, I need to assess your health and situation to have a clear diagnosis to work from.

That’s what the Find The Root Health Assessment does for you. Please use the button below to get started with an Assessment.

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