Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or with assisted treatments – such as IUI, IVF or Egg Donation – there are 3 essential steps to take to speed up your journey to pregnancy: 



You need to discover what’s causing your delay so you can get to the root of what’s stopping you having your baby.



You need to design a clear and easy plan of what to do next – including what treatments and support to use.



You need to follow your plan to rebuild your 5 Fertility Foundations that will optimise your fertility health, and help you get pregnant.

You can follow these 3 steps yourself at home, or you can work with me and let me take you through each one.

My 3-Steps to Pregnancy™ Programme combines all 3-steps into one integrated system, where we do all the hard work for you.

Each step is independent of the next so that you start with Step 1, then complete Step 2, and once that’s complete you can decide whether to move onto Step 3 (treatment).

The result is a natural fertility treatment ‘eco-system’ that helps you transform your fertility health, and increase your chances of conceiving and birthing your healthy baby.

Here’s how it works:



Knowing the root cause of your delay in conceiving, or carrying to full term, is not a luxury, but an absolute must and the KEY to being successful on your journey!

To be able to make any decisions on your next steps, including which supplements, foods, exercise and treatments to use, you need to firstly know what it is that’s stopping you i.e. the root cause of your situation.

Your first step with us will be to have a Natural Fertility Health Assessment to discover this root cause.


We’ll start you off with a 2-3 hour in-depth online assessment of your fertility health, which will include:

  • A review of all your medical testing that you have completed so far, to discover WHAT your health is currently presenting with, and WHAT is causing your delay. Don’t worry if you don’t currently have any test results, we will advise on this before this session.
  • A review of your personal and family medical history, to clarify whether there are any deeper issues at play, and review whether any further testing is helpful or necessary.
  • A Chinese Medicine Fertility health review and diagnosis, to discover how healthy you really are, according to nature’s principles. This will reveal what’s working well, and what’s not working so well in your body, and how this is creating the root cause of your current fertility situation. Once you know this, you will understand WHY you’re not getting or staying pregnant.

By the end of this step:

  • you will have a clear understanding of WHAT is causing your delay, and you’ll feel ready to take the next step to choose the right treatments and plan of action.



Now that you have a clear understanding of what’s been stopping you getting or staying pregnant, you need a plan of action for your next steps!

Step 2 will help you get clear on WHICH of the 5 Fertility Foundations and treatments to use, WHEN to use them, and HOW long to use them for. This step enables us to decide on which natural treatments and support will be best for you, and how and when to use them.

If you’re not already on an IVF journey, we’ll talk about IVF too, and discuss where that would fit into your time plan if it’s applicable for you.


Working together we will:

  • Decide which of the 5 Fertility Foundations and treatments are the most important for you to focus on, when to do them, and how long to do them for.
  • Design your unique roadmap of your journey, so that you know what to do at every step of the way, over the next 3-6 months of your journey.
  • Build a strong and clear strategy to create a greater focus and direction.

By the end of this step: 

  • you will be clear on WHICH Foundations and Treatments to use,
  • you will know WHEN, and HOW long to use them for, to transform your fertility health over the next 3-6 months. IVF and assisted treatments will have also been discussed, and built into your time plan if required.

IVF and assisted treatments will have also been discussed and built into your time plan if required.



We now know what your underlying health balance is, and we have a plan in place for treatment and the 5 Foundations. Now it’s time to start using them!

Step 3 is all about treatment, and if you join the programme with me, I’ll work with you personally over the course of 3-6 months to help you get as healthy as possible, to increase your chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy. This is where we work to create your baby!

During this time together we’ll work with the 5 Fertility Foundations to help you to optimise your fertility health, for Natural or Assisted conception and pregnancy.

If you’re experiencing a specific issue such as: PCOS, Ovarian Cysts, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Sperm issues, Egg quality issues, Poor ovarian reserve or Unexplained Infertility – we’ll approach this based on your initial diagnosis and root cause as discovered in Step 1 above.


Over the course of the 3-6 month programme, you would receive the following:

+ Herbal Medicine prescribed by Andrew and sent to you

+ Health Monitoring Sessions with Andrew (2 per month – 30-mins each)

+ Complete Diet Review and Advice

+ Complete Lifestyle Review and Advice

+ Members Area Access with Fertility Information

+ Email Support

+ Secret Client Facebook Group Access and Support (optional)

+ Emotional Support: Access to the Sarah Holland EFT Sanctuary (optional)

+ Emotional Support: EFT sessions with Sarah Holland (optional)

+ Partner Diet Review and Advice (optional)

+ Partner Lifestyle Review and Advice (optional)


This program will help you to regulate your cycles, improve egg quality, restore energy reserves, increase nutrient levels and put you in the best possible fertility health for natural or assisted conception and pregnancy to occur.

STEPS 1 + 2


A 3 hour online session, where we work together to assess your fertility history; discover the root cause for your delay in getting or staying pregnant, and create a plan of action for you.

Once complete you’ll know exactly which treatments and support to use to help you transform your fertility health.

This session includes your partner (if applicable) and is a stand alone session.





Join a 3, 6, or 9 month program for expert support.

We’ll use the 5 Fertility Foundations (Herbal medicine, Diet + Supplements, Lifestyle, Environment and Mindset) to optimise and prepare your body for natural or assisted conception and pregnancy, to put your health in the best place possible in preparation for pregnancy.


less than £18 per day


Work with me

and let me help you take the right steps …

Book a free online consultation now to discuss your options and start working through your

3 Steps to Pregnancy.

Still have questions?

You’ve already been through a lot on your quest for a baby. So it’s completely understandable if you don’t feel quite ready to put your hopes into something or someone new.

That’s why I offer a FREE 30-minute online consultation with me. 

During this free online session, we’ll discuss your fertility journey so far, and talk about what your best next steps should be. I’ll also explain more about how the 3-Steps work, and whether I think that working with me will be helpful for you.

Within a few months of treatment with Andrew, I fell pregnant!