Is His Sperm Healthy Enough?

Transforming Sperm Health with Chinese Medicine

When looking at options for improving sperm health there are currently few methods available in conventional medicine, and so most couples are directed to IVF.

IVF cycles don’t focus on improving sperm health but instead (when using ICSI) pick out the best sperm they can see.  This is usually from an already not so good sample, as ICSI is only used when sperm health is below the desired parameters.

Contrary to this approach Chinese Medicine takes the view that sperm health is a reflection of the internal health balance of the man.

If any aspect of the sperm quality is low then the health of the man is compromised, and so a strategy is created to improve his health, which in turn improves his sperm.

Treatments such as: Herbal Medicine, Dietary changes, and a review of his lifestyle are the key areas that are used in the Chinese Fertility Health System.

Once his health has improved, his body will be able to manufacture better quality sperm and his chances of fathering a child will be greater.

Male factor infertility constitutes around 33% of all infertility cases, and so ensuring the sperm are strong and healthy is paramount to increasing your chances of natural or assisted conception.

Below is a semen analysis from a patient in my clinic, before and after 3 months of treatment on my programme.

The initial test result shows most areas being quite ‘normal’ with all aspects slightly above the minimum range – apart from the morphology at 3%, which is 1% lower than the World Health Organisation suggest.

There were also significantly reduced Testosterone and Vitamin D levels before treatment, which are known to contribute to poor sperm health.

This test result is a very common result and shows that the sperm are generally okay, but with some formation issues (morphology), which could affect the genetic quality of the sperm. This in turn could reduce chances of implantation, or create issues with the embryo’s healthy development.

With these results there is no room for a decrease to occur without levels falling significantly below the minimum requirements.

I like my clients to have sperm results significantly over the minimum required levels.

21 years of fertility experience has shown me that this has a large and positive impact on increasing the possibility of conception and pregnancy – whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or with IVF.

Overview of this Semen Analysis:

The semen analysis reviewed here is from a 46-year old man.

All areas are at the lower end of normal apart from the morphology, which was 1% too low.

He also presented with a low testosterone and Vitamin D level.

Semen analysis before and after treatment:










% Of change After Treatment


More than 1.5ml

2 ml

2.3 ml

15% +

Count = Million (M) sperm per ml

More than 15 M



36% +

Count  = Total in Million (M)

More than 39 M



57% +

Motility  = Speed and direction

More than 40%



48% +

Morphology = Formation of sperm

4% or more



33% +

Testosterone level

More than 400



51% +

Vitamin D level

More than 50



67% +


Chinese Medicine Diagnosis:

After a detailed fertility health assessment with me it was revealed that my client had several Chinese Medicine patterns of health imbalance:

  1. Blood deficiency and stagnation– meaning that his blood was not flowing efficiently or carrying sufficient nutrients to the sperm.
  2. Dampness in the lower aspect – meaning he had retention of fluid around the reproductive area, blocking nutrient delivery to the sperm.
  3. Yin deficiency – meaning that he had a reduced level of healthy fluids circulating to the sperm cells. This typically affects the morphology.

Treatments used:

I created a personalised fertility support programme for him, with prescribed herbal medicine to be taken every day. He was also given personalised dietary and lifestyle advice to help speed up the changes, and to work in conjunction with his herbal medicine.

He was assessed every 4 weeks to evaluate his health improvements.

New Herbal Medicine prescriptions were created at each new assessment, and treatment was continued for 3 months.


After 3 months a new Semen Analysis was carried out showing clear improvements in all aspects of his sperm health and his Testosterone and Vitamin D levels.

5 months after starting treatment they conceived and went on to have a healthy baby girl.


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