The 3 Obstacles to Getting Pregnant

Knowing how to get pregnant by understanding what’s stopping you is the key to being successful on your journey.

Interestingly 80% of the people we recently surveyed said they were focusing on health, supplements, diet or treatment related approaches.

These are important factors in being or getting healthy – but there are 3 bigger issues at play on most people’s journeys.

In 1998 I realised what they were, and since then I’ve been teaching this information to thousands of people around the world.

When people take it on, the experience, speed and end result of their journey changes and they mostly succeed in having their healthy baby’s!

If you don’t realise that these obstacles are there then you can’t act on them, but hopefully that will all change for you now.

So let’s talk about each one in detail:


Not Knowing WHAT is Wrong and WHY it’s Wrong

Trying to get clear on what’s causing your delay in getting or staying pregnant can feel completely overwhelming – and it’s to be expected.

You shouldn’t have to be a health expert to start your own family!

But clearly something is wrong if it’s not happening naturally and relatively easily within a year. Not knowing what is wrong and how it’s causing your delay makes it almost impossible to find the solution, and know what to do to change it for the better.

The end goal of having your baby can seem far out of reach at times.

But you’re not alone.

In fact around 90% of my clients first contact me because they are feeling confused and unclear about what is causing their delay.

And this is the case even when they have a medical diagnosis such as: Unexplained Infertility, PCOS, Egg or Sperm quality issues, Endometriosis, Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Ovarian Cysts, Hormonal imbalance, Irregular Cycles or some other physical issue.

They are constantly worrying and feeling stressed about the possible causes of not getting pregnant, or carrying to full term – but they just can’t get to the root of it.

One of the first questions I’m usually asked when I meet them is:

“Do you think I will ever be able to have my baby?”

And this is a question that I assume you’re probably also living with every day of your life, whilst desperately longing for it to happen.

Without Finding the Root of what’s causing the delay, you have no clear starting point.

Every action you take to change your diet, health, lifestyle and even use IVF, is one of almost trial and error and testing it out.

The result is that this approach typically extends a fertility journey many times over.

The solution: Find the Root of your health balance.

See my post on The 3-Steps to Pregnancy to read more about Finding the Root.


Not Having a Clear Strategy of WHICH Steps to Take Next, WHEN to Take Them, and HOW LONG to Take Them For.

Trying to choose what you need to do next on your journey without having a clear strategy in place is really difficult. And without any proper plan of action to follow, it’s pretty much impossible.

It’s like walking through a forest in the dark with no map or light to help navigate your way through.

You’ll probably end up walking around in circles and maybe coming back to the same point time and again with no change in the situation, other than feeling lost and having lost more time!

You know where you want to get to, but you’re not really sure WHICH way to go, WHEN to go that way, and HOW long to go in that direction.

All this uncertainty is stressful, confusing, and overwhelming, as decision making is really unclear – leaving you feeling that you might never have your baby at all.

Your fertility journey can end up taking a lot longer than anticipated, with extra physical, financial, and emotional costs and obstacles along the way.

And some people become so overwhelmed and confused by their experience, and lack of direction, that they give up completely and never create the family that they dreamed of for so long.

This is a very sad situation indeed, and particularly when all they needed was some expert support and a clear direction to get them on the right track – with a clear map and guidance to ‘light’ their way.


Confusion About WHICH Natural or Medical Treatments to Use, and How to Know if They Are Right For You.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, you still have to decide on treatment (natural or medical)!

But – how do you know which options to choose and if they’re right for you?

Every person needs a different diet, supplements, lifestyle balance, environmental support and more. The general guidance on the internet is exactly that: general – and not personalised for your unique health needs!

General advice rarely hits the target, just like closing your eyes and trying to throw a random object at a target that you can’t see. Chances are you’ll miss it.

Choosing your support can be really difficult as there are so many options available.

It’s easy to feel unsure about which methods are the best for you.

Everywhere you look, you can find someone offering fertility support, telling you that it’s the best thing for you. They’ll tell you to: “eat this ‘fertility food’, take this supplement, drink more smoothies, get more exercise and so on”.

The next time you google you discover that someone else is telling you the exact opposite – but which one is right?  And why are they saying different things?

And which one do you choose for YOUR fertility health and journey?

Choices need to be made to be able to move forward, but how do you work out whether you should use: herbal medicine; reflexology; nutrition; fertility massage; acupuncture, or emotional support; or should you skip all of the natural options and just do IVF without any kind of preparation?

If you do IVF, should it be with your own eggs, or with an egg donor – and what about the sperm too?

The amount of options is overwhelming, and often difficult to grasp. 

It can be really scary, as you spend your time and money on things that you may not be 100% sure of – and without any guarantee of it working.

These are the 3 biggest obstacles that are stopping over 80% of people on a fertility journey from more efficiently reaching their goal – of getting pregnant and having their healthy baby.

Luckily, there is a solution!

Whilst reading the above I imagine that you’ve probably identified that at least one of these 3 obstacles might be affecting you.

If that is the case, then I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that you’re not alone.

Of the hundreds of people that I speak to each year, almost all of them are experiencing at least one of these obstacles.

The good news is that I found a solution to all three of them a long time ago, and I’ve already written a post on how to overcome them.

Click here to read the post on The 3-Steps to Pregnancy.





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