As a published author and writer Andrew frequently contributes articles to a selection of publications around the world. Through his writing he provides readers with an insight into how Chinese and Natural medicine can transform fertility health, and how you can increase your chances of natural and IVF conception.

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The Ultimate Fertility Guide

The latest (3rd) editition published in 2018

Andrew shares a wealth of information in this updated edition to help you:

  • Overcome the 3 biggest obstacles that stop most people having their baby
  • Use The 5 Fertility Foundations to optimise and balance your fertility health
  • Find The Root cause of your delay in getting or staying pregnant
  • Womens and Mens medical test lists that should be completed whilst on a journey

How To Enhance Your Fertility At This Time Of Year

My Fertility Specialist Magazine 

Andrew lists his 6 Top Tips to help you transform your fertility health as we head towards Spring in his first column about Traditional Chinese Medicine for My Fertility Specialist Magazine.

Chinese Medicine with Andrew Loosely

Fertility Road Magazine

Fertility Journeys 2014: Andrew’s Fertility partner Louise is preparing for her IVF cycle in 2015 by undergoing an extensive Chinese Medicine programme. Here are her thoughts for the last couple of months and Andrew’s top fertility tips for winter.

Chinese Medicine with Andrew Loosely

Fertility Road Magazine

Fertility Journeys 2014: As Andrew’s Fertility Journeys partner edges closer to IVF treatment, the specialist’s work with Chinese Medicine has started to have noticeable effects on Louise, as she reveals this month.

Chinese Medicine with Andrew Loosely

Fertility Road Magazine

Fertility Journeys 2014: We pick up where we left off with Louise, who in the last three months has started working with the founder of Natural Fertility Expert, Andrew Loosely. It’s early days, but Louise is optimistic about what the future might hold.

Your Fertility Planning

Fertility Road Magazine

With so many things to consider on your fertility journey it can be really difficult to know where to start to make a difference.

But there is a solution…

Your Fertility Acupuncturist- The Key to Finding The Right Practitioner

Fertility Road Magazine

Choosing the right practitioner can be difficult as there are so many to choose from, and all with varying degrees of experience of treating infertility.

So how do you choose the right person?

6 Top Fertility Tips

Fertility Road Magazine

Your fertility journey can often be a confusing road with a complex information to make sense of. The process can sometimes be difficult because it’s hard to know what the right action is for you and your partner. Andrew Loosely shares his tips he has learnt over the past 10 years to help you get on the right track.

A Herbal Approach to Fertility

Fertility Road Magazine

When having difficulty falling pregnant, many couples seek alternative options such as herbal medicines to boost their fertility, and improve their chances of conceiving naturally. The correct use of herbs, aiding fertility, can be an effective way to balance and nurture the body, making it an increasingly popular method when trying for a baby.

New Year, New You

Fertility Road Magazine

There has never been a better time to really get your body in perfect fertile shape. New Year’s resolutions often fall by the wayside because there is no definite end goal. But improving your body health and wellbeing for the specific purpose of being in the best possible shape for conception, means potentially laying the foundations for a pledge or resolution that is significantly more real and long-lasting than the Atkins diet or a trip to the gym. And the reward? Well, let’s just say it will change your life.

Helping Your Child Deal With Narrow-Minded Opinion

Pink Parenting Magazine

Despite a 17 year study by Stonewall indicating that children raised in a gay or lesbian environment are on the whole happier, have less behavioural problems and are more adapted to everyday life, children still encounter prejudice and come face-to-face with narrow minded people. The idea that raising a child with only one sex is detrimental to the child’s outlook and experience of life is still a common misconception.

Rapid Recover Pregnancy

Pregnancy, Baby & You

New mum Laura shares her experience of Chinese medicine treatment with Andrew, and how it helped both her and her baby to quickly recover after the birth.