Discover how to get pregnant and have your healthy baby – naturally or with IVF.

Download a FREE copy of my book – The Ultimate Fertility Guide – and get started.

Discover how to get pregnant and have your healthy baby – naturally or with IVF.

Grab a FREE copy of my Ultimate Fertility Guide to get started.

Proven effective fertility support you can trust.  Discover how to have your healthy baby – naturally or with IVF.

Starting a family should be an exciting, happy time…

Not this exhausting recurring pattern of disappointment.

Right now you may feel stuck in a cycle of doing everything you can, not getting pregnant, feeling deflated, and then stressing about what to try next. The harder you try the worse you end up feeling.

This journey is probably affecting your day-to-day life, emotions, confidence, finances, relationships, and most importantly your well-being. At times you might even feel like giving up completely.

But please dont!

I can tell you from personal experience of helping thousands of people to conceive their baby’s that …. there is a solution!

And I’d like to help you find it. 


The solution lies in a natural principle understood for thousands of years:




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Claim your free copy of the guide to discover the 3 things that could be stopping you getting or staying pregnant, and how to find your solution to having your baby.

If your body isn’t letting you get pregnant, or stay pregnant …

It’s doing so for a reason. 

For pregnancy to occur, nature requires you to have high reserves of stored energy, nutrients, and other vital substances – which also support a healthy pregnancy.

If any of these aspects are decreased, then your body reduces reproduction temporarily (lowering your fertility), until they are restored.

If you’re having difficulty getting or staying pregnant, then somewhere in the complex system that is your body, there’s an imbalance – even if you feel healthy and even if you’re experiencing ‘Unexplained Infertility’.

And if you have been diagnosed with a physical issue such as: PCOS, Endometriosis, Cysts, Polyps, Fibroids, Irregular Cycles or more – then there is definitely an underlying imbalance that is causing these issues to present themselves.

There is always a reason, and there is usually always a solution too!

To find the right solution for you, we first need to discover what the root cause is.

Your lowered fertility is a signal from your body telling you something is out of balance. This imbalance is unique to you – and before you try to treat it, you must first know exactly what it is.

Then you can find the solution to having your baby.

For more than 21 years I’ve used Classical Chinese Fertility Medicine to help people all over the world find the root cause of their fertility issues.

I’ve taken this ancient Chinese knowledge and integrated it with modern fertility research and methods. This has resulted in over 71% of my clients getting pregnant naturally or with IVF – between the ages of 37 and 51 years.

Grab a FREE copy of my book to read more about my 3-Steps to Pregnancy method and how it could help you find your root cause, and your solution!

As the famous physician Lu Buwei said 2300 years ago:

“There is nothing better than knowing the root cause”.



First we need to diagnose what is stopping you getting or staying pregnant, and why you’re experiencing this. We help you find the root cause of your delay, so you  know what to focus on for positive change.


Then we’ll descide on a clear plan and strategy to navigate your journey, so you know: which treatments to do; when to do them; and how long to do them for. IVF is also discussed at this stage.


And finally we’ll use the 5 Fertility Foundations  (diet, lifestyle, treatment, mindset and environment) to help you tranform your fertility for natural or assisted conception and healthy pregnancy.



Get yourself fully prepared for natural, or IVF conception and pregnancy?


Create a step-by-step plan of action and structure, so you know what to do at each step of your journey?


Become super fertile with the best natural support and treatments?


Build up your confidence in your ability to conceive?


Clear away all the overwhelm, anxiety and negative thoughts?


And finally feel like you’re heading in the right direction to have your baby?


I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and had not been successful. I came to see Andrew before starting IVF and he suggested his special programme. I decided to give it a go and see what happens. After 1 cycle I fell pregnant. Andrew has looked after me through the whole pregnancy and I am over the moon. I’m just so pleased I didn’t have to go through another IVF cycle.

Sarah Law, 33, Buckinghamshire

Following the wonderful experience of becoming parents to our beautiful daughter with Andrew’s help, it was an easy decision to go back to him for assistance with baby number 2! Nine months later, we were welcoming a beautiful, healthy baby boy to our family… Once again we attribute this largely to the programme that Andrew devised for us. So, after being told that we would not be able to conceive naturally, within two years we have two healthy, beautiful children thanks to Andrew!

Leanne Mennie

After trying to have a baby for one year we decided we might need some help, and having heard about the intrusive nature of medical intervention we were keen to go down a more natural route. After just 3 months of treatment we fell pregnant, and Andrew’s support continued throughout my pregnancy… I can’t be anymore grateful to Andrew and the team at Natural Fertility Expert for helping to transform a particularly sad time of my life, into an amazingly happy one!

Simone Dews, Buckinghamshire

I loved how structured and organised Andrews programme and approach was. He started me off with a really thorough online health assessment and then created a unique support programme for me based on his 5 Fertility Foundations philosophy.
All I had to do was turn up to the online meetings and follow his advice as much as I could. It couldn’t be easier, and it was basically all done for me. Almost no thinking needed, which was exactly what I needed to help me focus on staying calm. Plus he was always there in the background when I needed him, which made me feel safe.
After preparing on his programme for 3 months as he advised, I had my final embryo transfer – and it worked!! I was pregnant!!

Helen Richards, 44, Spain

I came to Andrew after being recommended by a friend.  I did everything he told me to and I have had to stop the programme as I am pregnant!! He gave me further advice and support for the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy, and I am now 26 weeks gone and looking forward to my first baby at the start of November.

I genuinely believe that without Andrew’s help this wouldn’t have happened. 

Mel Pinfold, Berkshire

During our first consultation, Andrew was very detailed and thorough in reviewing our lifestyle, diet, health history, current health and state of mind; he also looked at the results of the tests we had done previously and concluded that the treatment should focus on me. He suggested a mix of acupuncture and herbs. Within a few weeks of treatment, I fell pregnant. Andrew followed me throughout my pregnancy, making sure that my body was in optimal condition. He helped me alleviate some of the niggling symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness, heartburn and a terrible flare up of eczema.

Christelle Fraysse & Oliver Jauffrit

What has your path to parenthood cost you so far?

For many people it’s not just financial, but emotional and energetically too! If you’re feeling tired and a bit lost, maybe it’s time to try something different. Let’s get to the root of the problem and create a well thought out, wholistic plan of action to increase your chances of having your baby.

Andrew Loosely is The Natural Fertility Expert and author of The Ultimate Fertility Guide.  One of the most sought after consultants in the Fertility community, he is famous for helping thousands of people around the world to transform their fertility health, to conceive and birth their babies. Find out more

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