ONLINE COURSE – 7th April 2024:

“Nurturing the Fetus”

The Ten Months of Pregnancy in the Chinese Medicine Classics and Modern Clinic

with Andrew Loosely and Dr. Sabine Wilms


This 4 week online Chinese medicine practitioner course will cover the 10 months of pregnancy according to the Chinese medicine classics.

Dr Sabine Wilms will present the historical information and her translation of the 3 leading classical Chinese pregnancy texts from 168BCE to 982CE.

Andrew Loosely will review and explain the dietary, lifestyle, herbal and acupuncture treatment strategies for each of the 10 months, and share how he uses this approach in his clinic to support his pregnant patients.




Do You Want To:

Develop your clinical skills in Chinese medicine Gynaecology, Fertility, or the 10 Months of Pregnancy, with herbal medicine, acupuncture, diet, lifestyle, and mindset actions – to effectively support your patients?



Develop and grow your clinic online, or offline, to efficiently and ethically reach and help more patients?

Andrew offers expert clinical and business support through 1-2-1 private mentoring sessions for practitioners who want to develop their clinical practice or business – to reach and help more patients.

Clinical Practice:

Gynecology, Fertility, Pregnancy

Develop your clinical skills of classical Chinese gynaecology and fertility, to be able to effectively support your patients.

Based on over 25 years of clinical experience with thousands of patients worldwide, Andrew offers support in developing your skills to support:

Gynaecological health issues for all aspects of women’s health.

Fertility health issues, including:

Fertility health assessment methods, tracking methods, and treatment using herbs, acupuncture, diet, lifestyle, mindset and more, for patients:

Trying to conceive naturally

Using IVF with own eggs or IVF with donor eggs and/or sperm

Full or partial pregnancy support:

Through the classical Chinese “Nurturing the Fetus, 10 months of pregnancy” approach

Clinic Business:

Grow Your Clinic and Fill Your Appointments

To be able to help more people benefit from Chinese medicine support, we need to be able to reach people.

Every clinic, whether conventional or Chinese medicine based, needs to have a clear strategy as to how to reach people that want health support.

Over 25+ years Andrew has developed and expanded his clinic to be available to patients in more than 80 countries worldwide – allowing many more people to benefit from classical Chinese Gynecology and Fertility support.

In 1-2-1 sessions or group support Andrew can help you to:

Set up of your practice and business to run at it’s most efficient level

Identify your audience and how to reach them

Attract the right people for your clinic

All aspects of advanced online marketing to help you support more people with Chinese medicine through online events, courses, products and more.



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