Here are just a few of the many success stories from my clients. They all used The 3 Steps to Pregnancy Program, and this is what a few of them have to say about their experience.

5 Years and 5 miscarriages – Jo’s story

After 5 miscarriages and 5+ years of trying to have a baby, Jo shares her story about her time on The 3 Steps to Pregnancy Program with Andrew.

Together they share the details of how they worked together, how they chose the right treatment and diet for Jo and her husband, how long it took to see some changes and importantly: what happened in the end.

Baby at 44 after miscarriage and failed IVF

Don’t give up!

Andrew supported me on a program after identifying my patterns of imbalance, and I changed many things in my life.

It worked after what felt like hard work but hey, it got me the prize!
We have an amazing and beautiful daughter, and to get there we had to put ourselves first. Invest in our health, wellbeing, and a professional program.

I am forever grateful I found Andrew

Julie, 44

Discover how Andrew worked with Julie to enable her to have her baby.
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Baby at 50 after multiple failed donor cycles

As my son’s first birthday has just passed, I feel such gratitude for Andrew and the life he helped bring to me. I found Andrew 5 years into my 7 year journey of trying to have a baby. When I found him I knew that he would be an integral part of my success. Even after I began working with Andrew I did not have an easy time becoming pregnant, but he stayed with me and was an irreplaceable source of wisdom, knowledge and support. He helped my body become healthier and my mind to have faith and be strong. The herbs helped regulate my hormones and his positivity and belief that conception was possible carried me through the rough times. What he did for me was a miracle and now in addition to having my amazing son I also have a lifelong friend in Andrew. 

Sally, 50, USA

Discover how Andrew worked with Sally to enable her to have her baby.
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Baby naturally at 43 after failed IVF

I truly believe now that age does not matter. Before my treatment with Andrew, I had a failed IVF cycle and was told my 7 eggs didn’t fertilise due to thickened cell walls, and that I was too old (42) to conceive with my own eggs. Andrew disagreed and explained how my unique patterns of imbalance were affecting my egg quality, and that they needed some support. 7 months after starting the program with him I conceived naturally at nearly 43 years old! Thank you a million times for everything you did to make it happen. I am so glad I found you and will forever remember you.

Angela, 43, Spain

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Pregnant naturally at 42 after 7+ years of trying to conceive

After seven years without contraception, trying to stay relaxed and trusting I would get pregnant, I was feeling confused, disillusioned and wondering if I needed to prepare myself for a life without my own children.

This is when I met Andrew and his program and that’s when everything changed.
He knew so much information compared to the people I had seen before – the ones who were supposed to be the experts, but didn’t really seem to know anything.

I worked with Andrew directly online as he runs all of his treatment personally.
He advised me on all aspects of improving my health, which I followed completely. I started to feel really good after only a couple of months on the program, and I had more energy.

I was on Andrew’s program for 6-months and felt great but didn’t get pregnant. Andrew then said, “give it one more month”, and that’s when it happened naturally!

I’m so grateful for all I’ve received and for all it has enabled me to do. Andrew has transformed my journey from one of disillusionment, to one of hope, possibility and parenthood – as I now have my little boy

Pippa, 42

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Natural Pregnancy at 40 after miscarriage and 3 failed IVF cycles

When I first met Andrew, I was suffering from exhaustion and sadness from 3 failed IVF attempts which also included a miscarriage.

Andrew listened and confidently created a plan for my health. After 3 weeks I noticed that I was much more energised and started to feel so much better, both physically and mentally. IVF is a very hard process and Andrew always gave me time to explain to him the latest process I was having to face.

To cut the story short: I now have a wonderful baby boy who is the result of my first IVF attempt supported by Andrew’s program.

If honest, I still don’t know how he does what he does but he knew I was pregnant before I did!

His continued support with his program throughout my pregnancy really gave me comfort that all was ok.

I felt so different and much healthier and happier.

Thank you Andrew and team. My family is complete and you have played a huge part in helping us to achieve this.


Baby at 44 after miscarriage and 2 failed IVF cycles

I found Andrew after two previous rounds of IVF.

I had one frozen embryo left and I needed to know that I was doing absolutely everything I could, to give myself the best chance of conceiving and going on to have a successful pregnancy.

My previous IVF had resulted in pregnancy, only to end 6 weeks later when the baby died.

This was absolutely heartbreaking, and to feel strong enough to try again with my last embryo I had to make a change and feel I was doing something different.

I found the whole experience with Andrew so supportive, and this started right from the beginning looking through my test results and understanding my body and cycle in a way I never had before with anyone else.

Unlike the IVF clinic who ignored my low Progesterone level, Andrew said that it indicated a deeper issue that should be supported before the FET takes place.

The focus of the support with Andrew was on transforming the deeper issue of deficiency that was causing my Progesterone to be low.

When I started his 3 Steps to Pregnancy program it was so much easier than I thought it would be!

He taught me all about the 5 Fertility Foundations, and we focused on the ones that I needed. Apart from the physical health changes, the greatest benefit was the support I got in our regular online sessions. This really boosted me each month as Andrew was always full of great advice and direction.

IVF is a difficult journey for anyone, and for someone like me who was doing it alone as a single woman, the support from Andrew was crucial!

I loved how structured and organised his program and approach was. He started me off with a really thorough online health assessment and then created a unique support program for me based on his 5 Fertility Foundations philosophy.

All I had to do was turn up to the online meetings and follow his advice as much as I could. It couldn’t be easier, and it was basically all done for me. Almost no thinking needed, which was exactly what I needed to help me focus on staying calm. Plus he was always there in the background when I needed him, which made me feel safe.

After preparing on his program for 3 months as he advised, I had my final embryo transfer – and it worked!! I was pregnant!!

I continued on the program, which was transformed into a pregnancy support program, until my 16th week. At this point, Andrew encouraged me to continue naturally and was always there if I ever needed anything. I carried on with his guidance and had an easy and healthy pregnancy.

I would encourage everyone to have pregnancy support to ensure a safe pregnancy in those most crucial months for the baby’s development, and also just for the support and peace of mind knowing Andrew is there!
At the time of writing this I now have a gorgeous 6 week old baby boy called Louis and I have never been happier in my life!
Motherhood is a whole new experience and now all the struggles and emotional upheaval I went through to get here is forgotten – it might not seem possible to you reading this that you can forget the pain and struggles but I promise you it is!
Best of luck with your journey ahead – stay strong and positive and I really recommend you to use Andrew’s 3-Steps to Pregnancy program to give you the physical and emotional support and strength you need, to improve your fertility health – just like me.

Natural pregnancy at 40 with 1 fallopian tube, miscarriage, and failed IVF cycles

When I met my husband 5 years ago we didn’t imagine that we would have an issue conceiving, as it’s so ‘normal and natural’ to have a baby, right?

After several months of trying we decided to do some tests, which were all fine. My husband had no problem with his sperm and his results were better than that of donor’s in most IVF clinics.

I was told I had a slightly lower egg count, but nothing serious to worry about and so we continued trying naturally.

After a year of no success I flew home to my parents to see my family Dr, as we were living abroad and he suggested IVF. I started to prepare for my first cycle, whilst my husband was at home in the UK.

I had to do the injections on my own as I could not drive to the clinic everyday and I was emotionally exhausted by doing this all on my own – but the idea of having our beautiful baby in the end kept me going.
All went well and we got 13 eggs, 9 of which were really good and went on to produce healthy day 5 embryos. We were really excited and ready for the transfer, until my Dr saw some inflammation in one fallopian tube and said the cycle might not happen!

We did go ahead in the end and transferred one embryo but after 10 days I started to bleed. The test was NEGATIVE and we were devastated.

Later that year we transferred two more embryos. Again the doctor saw a problem in the tube and decided that I needed surgery if pregnancy didn’t happen. The pregnancy test was negative again and so I had one tube removed – and they also discovered I had a low progesterone level.

I continued on and had a 3rd embryo transfer, which again was negative.

My husband gave up and said we should maybe try a Napro treatment cycle with medication, or that we just need to accept that maybe we’re not meant to have children.

I just wanted to find the cause of my issues and try to fix them.

I had been following Andrew online for some time, and he was my plan B!

I have to be honest and say that my husband didn’t agree or believe in natural treatment options at all, so I had to stay focused on what I needed to do.
I told him that I wanted to have the free online chat that Andrew offers, and so I went ahead and booked it.

This was exactly what I was looking for – someone who listened and could see where the problem might be!

I went to the next step which was to complete the 3-hour online fertility health assessment with Andrew. He reviewed my test results, explained my Chinese medicine diagnosis, and what that meant about the root cause of my fertility health and journey.

The information made complete sense and I finally had some answers that made me feel better and more confident. I knew I wouldn’t get pregnant overnight, as I only had one tube now, but I felt calmer and more confident that it could happen.

I joined Andrew’s online support program where I started my herbal medicine, and had regular sessions with him to personally guide me on my diet, lifestyle, and all other aspects of my journey.

What I loved was that he didn’t hand me over to someone else on his team. He always works personally and one-to-one with his clients, which he feels is vital to his success.

He was very supportive and positive in every session, and I saw improvements in my health quite quickly, and I also felt mentally much better and prepared.

I’m quite an impatient person and Andrew reminded me that I just had to stay focused on my goal and take my time.

My cycle slowly improved, Progesterone increased naturally, and my ovulation went from a typical day 17-18, to a new and regular day 14 ovulation. My BBT temperatures were also more stable and I started to understand my cycle properly.

After 9 months on the program and no pregnancy, Andrew agreed that it might be sensible to consider IVF again in the New Year – as this time I was physically healthier and emotionally more prepared.

We had our pre-Christmas chat during which Andrew advised me to put my fertility worries aside for a few weeks and just enjoy Christmas, until we return in the New Year.

On New Years Day I started spotting.

One week later my period still hadn’t arrived – I was pregnant naturally!!

What a shock and surprise we had. Just weeks before starting IVF we had finally done it!

I continued Andrew’s support through the pregnancy until week 20.

Andrew was always in the background to answer questions, offer guidance, and help if I needed anything throughout the whole pregnancy – even though I had stopped treatment at week 20.
He even kept me in the special program Facebook group that is only for his private program clients. 39 weeks later my beautiful baby S. was born!

Now he is 6.5 months and is playing here beside me as I write my story for you to read 🙂 Needless to say, my husband has changed his mind about natural treatment!

We are forever grateful to Andrew for all the support and love during and after the program.

Thank you.

Sarah, 39 

Discover how Andrew worked with Sarah to enable her to have her baby.
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Natural pregnancy at 40

I am forever grateful to Andrew and the work he does. For me the treatment with herbal medicine was an important support in recovering from burnout and getting back into balance so I could become pregnant. I found Andrew’s caring and compassionate nature of vital importance over the year we worked together, both before I got pregnant and after. I now have the most beautiful baby boy and Andrew was an important support in making my dream come true.


Baby naturally at 40 after 2 years of trying

I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and had not been successful.

I came to see Andrew before starting IVF and he suggested his special 3- steps to pregnancy program. I decided to use the program to prepare for my IVF as recommended by Andrew.

After 1 cycle I fell pregnant naturally! Andrew has looked after me through the whole pregnancy and I am over the moon. I’m just so pleased I didn’t have to go through another IVF cycle.

Sarah Law, 33, UK

Baby naturally at 39 after 2 years of trying 

I came to Andrew after being recommended by a friend. I did everything he told me to do, and it worked – I got pregnant!!

He gave me further advice and support for the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy.

I genuinely believe that without Andrew’s help this wouldn’t have happened.

I had a healthy baby after all these years – and naturally!

Mel Pinfold, Berkshire

Pregnant naturally at 37. PCOS, Irregular cycles + Sperm issues

We had been trying for a baby for just under a year when we contacted Andrew. We were getting a little anxious after years of PCOS and irregular cycles, hubby’s sperm issues, and being told by our consultant we would NEVER conceive naturally.

I looked around locally and found Andrews clinic. We immediately made an appointment for a free chat to discuss the options that were open to us.

After the free chat, we completed Andrews initial health assessment and then joined his program. On the program, Andrew treated me with herbal medicine and taught me everything I needed to know about dietary and lifestyle changes to improve our fertility health.

I’m delighted to say that we were pregnant naturally after 7 months of treatment with Andrew! I also continued treatment throughout pregnancy.

Knowing I had support from Andrew, and herbal medicine to take gave us peace of mind.

I gave birth to a beautiful healthy girl after having a dream pregnancy and textbook birth – both of which we attribute to the program Andrew created for us.

Thank you very much to all at Natural Fertility Expert. Without you we may not have our very precious baby, Freya.

Leanne & Ian Mennie

Pregnant naturally at 40 after 2+ years of trying

After trying to conceive for a few years on the NHS (we did many tests to identify the cause of our infertility – from basic procedures such as semen analysis, blood tests and ultrasounds to more invasive ones such as a laparoscopy – and a final course of Clomid that resulted in a miscarriage), we were finally told by our gynecologist that there was nothing else that could be done for us; though the fact that we could not conceive successfully remained unexplained.

The options available to us were to go for IVF privately or take a different approach. In researching for alternative fertility treatments, we came across Natural Fertility Expert and decided to give it a try.

During our first consultation, Andrew was very detailed and thorough in reviewing our lifestyle, diet, health history, current health and state of mind; he also looked at the results of the tests we had done previously and concluded that the treatment should focus on me. Andrew suggested his program with herbal medicine and after 6 weeks of treatment, I fell pregnant. Andrew followed me throughout my pregnancy, making sure that my body was in optimal condition. He helped me alleviate some of the niggling symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness, heartburn and a terrible flare up of eczema.

Andrew was more than a health practitioner. He was of great support throughout, always available at short notice when I needed him, sharing his knowledge and giving me advice, calling me back even at the weekend – to check up on me and providing treatment when required.

I finally gave birth to a very healthy and wonderful little girl. I asked Andrew to help me with my post-natal recovery to ensure that I was again in good health to nurse my baby. He provided me with a course of herbs to help my body replenish itself. I am grateful for everything Andrew has done for us and for giving us the greatest gift we could ever have hoped for, our own little bundle of joy.

Christelle Fraysse, 40, & Olivier Jauffrit

Baby No.2 on Andrew’s program at 38 years old

Following the wonderful experience of becoming parents to our beautiful daughter with Andrew’s help, it was an easy decision to go back to him for assistance with baby number 2!

When Freya was just turning one, I went back to see Andrew to regulate my cycle, have treatment & take herbs for general well being. Within a matter of weeks I had a regular cycle which obviously did the trick as within 2 months we were pregnant with baby no 2! What a contrast to the first time round.

Once again for peace of mind I regularly took herbs, particularly the first 12 weeks as well as having acupuncture to ensure the well-being of both myself & our baby. Unfortunately this time my pregnancy wasn’t quite as straightforward and I bled for the first 20 weeks but continued with the treatment to ensure the well-being of our baby.

Nine months later, we were welcoming a beautiful, healthy baby boy to our family after another text book labour. Once again we attribute this largely to the program that Andrew devised for us.

So, after being told that we would not be able to conceive naturally, within two years we have two healthy, beautiful children thanks to Andrew! Words cant describe how happy we are with our perfect little pair! Thank you to you all!

Leanne & Ian Mennie

After trying to have a baby for one year we decided we might need some help, and having heard about the intrusive nature of medical intervention we were keen to go down a more natural route.

We found Andrew really helpful in not only looking at fertility elements, but also diet and lifestyle areas. We were guided to follow Andrews program and adapt our eating habits & lifestyle to help us conceive naturally.

My husband was put on a course of herbs and I had herbs as well throughout the program. I found my sessions with Andrew a lifeline, as he really helped me believe that I would fall pregnant, helped me remain positive, and was a great listener and councillor to any wobbles I had along the way.

After just 3 months of treatment we fell pregnant, and Andrew’s support continued throughout my pregnancy during the first 12 weeks where I had sessions and continued with the herbs he prescribed to support my pregnancy.  Andrew also encouraged me to contact him at any time with any concerns I had with the pregnancy, which was really assuring and appreciated.

I can’t be anymore grateful to Andrew for helping to transform a particularly sad time of my life, into an amazingly happy one!

I’m nearly in tears after writing this!

Simone Dews, Buckinghamshire

Baby at 43 after failed IVF.

I heard Andrew speaking on a fertility webinar after a few unsuccessful rounds of IVF and I was immediately inspired by his holistic approach to fertility, the bespoke nature of the treatment plans he offered, and his positive attitude.

We started working together as I was preparing for a fresh round of IVF and, having had quite an irregular cycle as a result of the previous medication, I was really impressed by how quickly the herbs started to bring things more into balance. By the time I came to start the next round of IVF, I was feeling much stronger physically, and more confident, relaxed and hopeful than I had before, and although that round was not successful, Andrew’s constant support, advice and encouragement made the whole process feel much easier.
He also helped me make the decision to switch to using donor eggs, and he offered me the same level of support, positivity and kindness during the preparation for that cycle – and throughout the first wonderful but fragile months of my pregnancy that resulted.
As I hold my longed-for baby now, I am deeply grateful for the part Andrew and his program played in helping my dreams come true.
Laura, 43, UK