I’m obviously biased about what I do, but my clients are not. They’ve used The Baby Creating Plan and this is what a few of them have to say about their experiences.

I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and had not been successful. I came to see Andrew before starting IVF and he suggested his special programme. I decided to give it a go and see what happens. After 1 cycle I fell pregnant. Andrew has looked after me through the whole pregnancy and I am over the moon. I’m just so pleased I didn’t have to go through another IVF cycle.

Sarah Law, 33, Buckinghamshire

I came to Andrew after being recommended by a friend.  I did everything he told me to and I have had to stop the programme as I am pregnant!!

One quick phone call to Andrew and he gave me further advice and support for the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy to help prevent miscarriage, and I am now 26 weeks gone and looking forward to my first baby at the start of November.

I genuinely believe that without Andrew’s help this wouldn’t have happened. I am still seeing him throughout my pregnancy.

In a way, you could say Andrew is responsible for my being pregnant (but don’t tell my husband that!)

Mel Pinfold, Berkshire

We had been trying for a baby for just under a year when we contacted Andrew. We were getting a little anxious as I had been previously diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and my husband with a low sperm count so we were under no illusions that we may have a struggle ahead of us. After researching how acupuncture could improve fertility, I looked around locally and found the clinic. We immediately made an appointment with the brilliant staff at Natural Fertility Expert to discuss the options that were open to us. Once we’d had our initial consultation, Andrew devised a programme comprising both herbal medicine & regular acupuncture along with dietary and lifestyle changes to suit our fertility difficulties.

I’m delighted to say that within 6 months of treatment I was pregnant! We made a conscious decision to continue having treatment throughout my pregnancy to ensure general well being – just knowing I had a session of acupuncture booked or herbs to take gave us peace of mind particularly in the early months.

I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl in September after having a dream pregnancy and text book birth – both of which we attribute largely to the programme Andrew devised for us.

Thank you very much to all at Natural Fertility Expert. Without you we may not have our very precious baby, Freya Louise.

Leanne & Ian Mennie

After trying to conceive for a few years on the NHS (we did many tests to identify the cause of our infertility – from basic procedures such as semen analysis, blood tests and ultrasounds to more invasive ones such as a laparoscopy – and a final course of Clomid that resulted in a miscarriage), we were finally told by our gynecologist that there was nothing else that could be done for us; though the fact that we could not conceive successfully remained unexplained.

The options available to us were to go for IVF privately or take a different approach. In researching for alternative fertility treatments, we came across Natural Fertility Expert and decided to give it a try.

During our first consultation, Andrew was very detailed and thorough in reviewing our lifestyle, diet, health history, current health and state of mind; he also looked at the results of the tests we had done previously and concluded that the treatment should focus on me. He suggested a mix of acupuncture and herbs. Within a few weeks of treatment, I fell pregnant. Andrew followed me throughout my pregnancy, making sure that my body was in optimal condition. He helped me alleviate some of the niggling symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness, heartburn and a terrible flare up of eczema.

Andrew was more than a health practitioner. He was of great support throughout, always available at short notice when I needed him, sharing his knowledge and giving me advice, calling me back even at the weekend – to check up on me and providing treatment when required.

I finally gave birth to a very healthy and wonderful little girl. I asked Andrew to help me with my post-natal recovery to ensure that I was again in good health to nurse my baby. He provided me with a course of herbs to help my body replenish itself. I am grateful for everything Andrew has done for us and for giving us the greatest gift we could ever have hoped for, our own little bundle of joy.

Christelle Fraysse & Olivier Jauffrit

Baby number 2!

Following the wonderful experience of becoming parents to our beautiful daughter, it was an easy decision to go back to Andrew for assistance with baby number 2!

When Freya was just turning one, I went back to see Andrew to regulate my cycle, have treatment & take herbs for general well being. Within a matter of weeks I had a regular cycle which obviously did the trick as within 2 months we were pregnant with baby no 2! What a contrast to the first time round.

Once again for peace of mind I regularly took herbs, particularly the first 12 weeks as well as having acupuncture to ensure the well-being of both myself & our baby. Unfortunately this time my pregnancy wasn’t quite as straightforward and I bled for the first 20 weeks but continued with the treatment to ensure the well-being of our baby.

Nine months later, we were welcoming a beautiful, healthy baby boy to our family after another text book labour. Once again we attribute this largely to the programme that Andrew devised for us.

So, after being told that we would not be able to conceive naturally, within two years we have two healthy, beautiful children thanks to Andrew! Words cant describe how happy we are with our perfect little pair! Thank you to you all!

LEANNE, IAN, freya & archie MENNIE

After trying to have a baby for one year we decided we might need some help, and having heard about the intrusive nature of medical intervention we were keen to go down a more natural route.

We found Andrew and his team at Natural Fertility Expert really helpful in not only looking at fertility elements, but also lifestyle areas and we were guided to follow Andrews programme and adapt our eating habits & lifestyle to help us conceive naturally.

My husband was put on a course of herbs and I had herbs as well as weekly acupuncture sessions throughout the programme. I found my weekly sessions with Andrew a lifeline at the time, he really helped me believe that I would fall pregnant, helped me remain positive and was a great listener and councillor to any wobbles I had along the way.

After just 3 months of treatment we fell pregnant, and Andrew’s support continued throughout my pregnancy mainly during the first 12 weeks where I had weekly accupuncture sessions and continued with the herbs he prescribed to secure my pregnancy. Andrew also encouraged me to call him at anytime with any concerns I had with the pregnancy, which was really assuring and appreciated.

I can’t be anymore grateful to Andrew and the team at Natural Fertility Expert for helping to transform a particularly sad time of my life, into an amazingly happy one!

I’m nearly in tears after writing that!

Simone Dews, Buckinghamshire

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