How to Get Pregnant Naturally or with IVF

– even when past attempts have failed.

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In the book you’ll discover how to overcome the 3 key obstacles to getting and staying pregnant, and speed up your journey to have your healthy baby –  whether you’re trying naturally or with IVF – and even when past attempts have failed.

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In the Ultimate Fertility Guide I reveal…


The 3 obstacles that might be stopping you having your baby and how to avoid them.


How to find the solution to your fertility journey and struggles and choose the best treatments and support to conceive your healthy baby.


The 7 levels of fertility testing for men and women, and how to know which ones you need - and when.


How to be fully prepared, and healthy, for natural or IVF conception and pregnancy.

Plus lots more on:

Diet, Treatments, Lifestyle, Mindset and your Environment!

I can’t be anymore grateful to Andrew for helping transform a particularly sad time of my life, into an amazingly happy one with my baby!