Andrew and The Team:


Chinese Medicine Fertility Specialist, Author, and Speaker

Lic.OHM, Dip.CH, DCHAc.(Beijing University), G.Q.A

Founder and Director at Natural Fertility Expert

Many people have become mums and dads with my help over the past 25+ years.

Through this site I’ll share with you how I have naturally supported my clients – for natural or IVF pregnancy.

Starting a family should be an exciting, happy time. Not an exhausting rollercoaster of disappointment that it often becomes.

But don’t give up just yet.

I have lots of free support to offer you where I’ll show you how to stop wasting time on things that don’t work – and start focusing on things that do  – based on my years of clinical experience with my clients.

And if you need more personalised support you can always check out my paid online support programs, without any pressure.

Getting pregnant and staying pregnant becomes easier when you have a clear method to follow.

I’m Andrew Loosely, The Natural Fertility Expert and a specialist in Chinese Fertility Medicine.

For more than 25 years I’ve been supporting people around the world to have their baby’s naturally, or with IVF – even when past attempts have failed.

I specialise in supporting people at 40 plus, with my clients typically ranging from 40 to 53 years old, with full term healthy pregnancies up to the age of 53. I am of course also always happy to support anyone under 40 that would like help.

All of my clients receive personalised guidance and support whilst trying naturally – or in preparation for their IVF (own egg or donor egg) cycles.

You can start supporting your fertility health for free today.

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To read more about my background, and also my team and advisory panel, keep scrolling down.

Andrew’s Official Press Bio:

Andrew has been supporting the fertility community for over 25 years and has helped thousands of people around the world to overcome their fertility struggles, by helping them transform their health and conceive and birth their healthy baby’s – even when many other attempts have failed.

He believes that fertility issues are caused by deeper internal health factors that need to be addressed to allow conception to happen naturally, or with IVF.

Through his natural support program The 3-Steps to Pregnancy, and his 5 Fertility Foundations method, he helps support fertility health naturally, to optimise the chances of natural and IVF conception and pregnancy

As a Chinese Medicine Fertility Specialist he supports couples in over 80 countries with his online support program, courses, and events.

He is the author of three books including The Ultimate Fertility Guide, a fertility health writer and translator of classical Chinese language and ancient texts,  and a regular speaker at online and in-person world events about Chinese medicine.

He is the founder of, and the creator of The 3 Steps to Pregnancy system and The 5 Fertility Foundations method. Andrew has also formed an expert advisory team that support him to further expand his own knowledge of Chinese medicine, and conventional medicine – allowing him to share this ancient and modern knowledge with thousands of people worldwide.

Andrew studied Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture for 5 years, and then developed his specialty in fertility treatment with further post-graduate education, which is ongoing.

In 1999 he created his treatment program based on the high pregnancy rate he witnessed in his clinic.

Since then he has developed his method into a global support program, that is available as a paid online one-to-one program with Andrew personally, as well as through online courses and education.

He also supports his online community with over 20,000 members worldwide that receive free support from Andrew and his team on a daily basis.

Through his 25+ years of clinical experience he has developed both a natural and IVF (including donor egg) pregnancy preparation and support method.

His more than 2 decades of work have shown the positive effect that Chinese medicine can have on preparation for natural and IVF conception and pregnancy, when used by an experienced practitioner.

>> Click here to read about Andrew’s education and personal story

Michelle Neary


Operations Manager

Michelle oversees the daily organisation of the 3 Steps to Pregnancy Program and systems at Natural Fertility Expert. She runs and organises many aspects of the company alongside Andrew.

She brings with her years of experience of working with people, as well as technical, operations and administration support.

She believes in the importance of a balanced lifestyle, and has a perfect alignment with Andrew’s philosophy and the Program.


Michelle Neary


Client Co-Ordinator

Rachel is the central point of contact for all Program members and has a wealth of experience in people-centric roles, coupled with a strong background in administrative duties.

Rachel embraces the significance of a harmonious lifestyle and shares a deep resonance with Andrew’s philosophy and the ethos of his work.


Michelle Neary


Herbal Medicine and Qi Gong Expert and Teacher. 

Laura Uphill is a herbal medicine and Qi Gong practitioner and teacher with more than 20 years of clinical experience.

Andrew and Laura have worked together since the 1990’s, after meeting on their herbal medicine course.

Laura oversees emergency support on the Program when Andrew is out of the office on vacation or for work, and is also involved with orders of herbs for some of our clients.  

Andrew and Laura are working on a pregnancy care project, along with a fertility Qi Gong program.

Advisory and Development Team:

Below are some of the world renowned experts that I am honoured to work with who help me to expand my knowledge. They are also involved in the development of new support and information that we share with the worldwide fertility community.



World Renowned Medical Historian, Translator and Tutor

Sabine Wilms, PhD, is the author and translator of more than a dozen books on Chinese medicine.

In addition to writing, translating, and publishing her work through her company Happy Goat Productions, she lectures around the world and mentors students through her mentorship program.

Sabine is tutor and advisor to Andrew on all aspects of classical Chinese medicine, history and language. She privately tutors and supervises Andrew on translation of ancient Chinese medical texts, as well as working alongside him on Chinese Gynecology and Fertility projects.

Their recent practitioner course, “Nurturing the Fetus” The 10 Months of Pregnancy, was their latest collaborative work. In this 4-week intensive course they revealed how to support patients throughout the 10 months of pregnancy – based on three ancient texts (translated by Dr. Wilms) – and how to clinically apply this knowledge. The course was full and received 5 star ratings for content and use.


Some of her favorite topics are gynecology, pediatrics, medical ethics, and “nurturing life” as envisioned in the Chinese medical classics.

Her publications include translations of:

  • Qi Zhongfu’s Hundred Questions on Gynecology (Nüke Bai Wen, published as Channeling the Moon Parts 1 + 2).
  • Sun Simiao’s writings on pediatrics (Venerating the Root)
  • The Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica (Shennong Bencao Jing)
  • Two books on Wang Fengyi’s system of “Five Element Virtue Healing” (Let the Radiant Yang Shine Forth, and Twelve Characters)
  • A translation and discussion of the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (Huangdi Nei Jing Suwen) chapter five (Humming with Elephants)

Dr. Wilms is known for her historically and culturally sensitive approach to Chinese Medicine, but also sees it as a living, effective, ever-changing, and much needed response to the issues of our modern times.

She lives happy as a clam on Whidbey Island near Seattle.


Private GP

Dr. Jonathan Hazon is a supporting and advisory member of the Natural Fertility Expert team.

Jonathan trained in Medicine and graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 2006. He worked in a number of different medical and surgical fields before choosing to specialise in General Practice. He completed his General Practice training in London through the Royal Free Hospital.

Jonathan advises Andrew on various aspects of health from a bio-medical viewpoint, including women’s health and sexual health.


His specialist interests lie within the fields of Women’s Health and Sexual Health. He is a diplomat of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and also the Faculty of Reproductive and Sexual Health.

He is also interested in medical education and works as a Tutor for Kings’ College.

Currently Jonathan splits his time between NHS and private work, and is based in Knightsbridge in central London.


Tea Artisan and Expert, Author, Speaker and Educator. 

Shana is the professional tea artisan at the Wild Tea Qi tea company. She is the author of The Wild Truth of Tea and 5 Element Tea, and is currently working on several new publications.  

She founded Wild Tea Qi as part of her mission to help protect China’s dwindling natural environment. As the guiding spirit in support of Biodiverse tea, she is working hard to preserve the original skills of China’s tea artisans and the environment .

Andrew trained with Shana in the traditional methods of using tea for health and enjoyment, and they are working on future projects for teaching the use of tea for fertility health.


Andrew and Shana both have a strong passion for working with the seasonal changes for optimum health balance, according to the traditional Chinese Lunisolar calendar.

Shana lives and works in Yunnan in China, and was professionally trained in the traditional Chinese tea ceremony and as a professional tea taster.

She also delves into ancient Taoist concepts shedding light on a much forgotten past.

She uses her unique knowledge to guide studies in tea, and her special 5 element tea theory is also a useful guide for practitioners of health, yoga, marital arts, meditation, Taoist arts, ancient Chinese medicine and wellness.

In addition to all this, she has compiled information about hundreds of tea companies from around the world.

She is also the founder of International Tea Academy and you can find lots of useful ancient tea knowledge from her at and


Feng Shui and Bazi Master, Consultant and Speaker

Laurent Langlais is a global Feng Shui and Bazi (Chinese Astrology) master, consultant and speaker.

He works with clients worldwide and consults and supports his clients for:

  • Feng Shui for home and business 
  • Chinese astrology (Bazi)
  • Date selection (Qi Men Dun Jia)

Chinese culture has used these 3 methods for several thousand years as a way of understanding and calculating the interaction of people, heaven and earth.

Andrew has worked with Laurent for the past 8 years for his own personal guidance, just as people traditionally did in China. Andrew wants to help make this ancient knowledge more accessible to the western world.

Thank you very much to all at Natural Fertility Expert. Without you we may not have our very precious baby, Freya.