The nature of winter is about rest, warmth, and storing energy to refresh your body for the coming year. It’s basically the night-time of the whole year – the time where we should sleep and recharge.

Protecting yourself from the cold, wind, and rain, and keeping extra warm is vital to your health and fertility.

Particularly focus on keeping your feet, legs, and lower back wrapped up well and avoid long periods of exposure to Cold or wet weather. 

If any part of your body feels cold to the touch, or you generally feel cold all over, then add more clothes or massage the area to get your blood circulating more efficiently.

Why is this important to your fertility?

The element of Coldness, which exists most extremely in winter, is one of the most damaging to the body. 

Since the 4th century BC it’s been known in China that Coldness is at the root of many severe health issues (1) – including gynaecological and fertility problems relating to the circulation of the blood.

Endometriosis, Fibroids, PCOS, Cysts, Polyps, Irregular Periods, Painful Periods, Clotted or Dark Periods, Testicular Varicoceles, Poor Sperm Morphology and many other fertility issues often have a root cause related to poor circulation. These conditions often have symptoms and presentations that show the element of Coldness has entered the body and disrupted natural balance.

By keeping your body warm (but not sweating in winter) you can keep your circulation healthy, and prevent Coldness from causing circulatory complications.

Another nature of Coldness, when it contacts the human body, is that it consumes energy. 

If your body gets colder than 37 degrees centigrade (98.6 Fahrenheit) then it starts to use energy to warm itself up to maintain a healthy temperature balance. 

The colder you are, the more energy you use. 

This overuse takes energy away from other important functions such as digestion and immunity. 

Over an extended time it will cause a depletion of the reserves of your energy, and this can impact your ability to get pregnant or have a healthy and sustained pregnancy.

This is one of the key reasons that animals fatten up for winter (build energy reserves in advance of the cold season) and find somewhere warm to sleep, allowing their bodies to be protected from the cold and use as little energy as possible.

Winter is also the time of year for storage and recharging our energy, so any unnecessary overuse of energy has a bigger detrimental effect than at any other time of year.

Keep well wrapped up and enjoy the winter weather – but don’t let your body get cold! 


(1) Huángdì Nèijīng – The Yellow Emperors Classic, 475-221 BC





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