New hope after high FSH

I recently had a client who came to me in a complete panic.

“My doctor says I may be going into menopause!”

This was the last thing she needed to hear. At only 41, she was already trying to conceive for 4 years.

And that’s not all.

They told her she has poor egg health, and low ovarian reserve, and refused to allow her IVF because she “will likely not respond to stimulation”.


Doctors tend to raise these alarms at FSH levels over 12 to 15 mIU/ml — and hers was at 28.

Of course, she was in a panic. 

What if this was menopause, and she was out of time?

A normal FSH level shows the ovaries are healthy, and the follicles are responding well to the natural stimulation — which means they will grow, and one will eventually rupture and release an egg causing ovulation.

Low levels of FSH gives hope for a healthy cycle. 

But high FSH does NOT prove the opposite. There are too many other factors at play.

So we started investigating. She went through my online diagnostic health assessment, and we pinpointed the underlying cause of her hormonal imbalance.

Happily, it was treatable with a simple herbal prescription, and within two cycles, we brought her FSH level down to a consistent 6 to 7 mIU/ml.

It was within the “acceptable” level again, and her doctor allowed her to progress with IVF.

More than that, she regained confidence in her own health and body again.

And for me, this is a subtle but important factor in achieving a healthy conception.

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