Safety of Herbal Teas Whilst TTC or Pregnant

There’s a lot of discussion and confusion in the fertility world about the safety of herbal teas.

To help clarify this I’ve compiled a list for you of the most commonly used herbs – for tea and cooking.

All herbs (even parsley and basil) are medicinal and have an effect on anyone consuming them. If you notice that something changes negatively with your fertility health after introducing a new herbal tea, then it may be best to stop the tea and see if the situation improves.

The table below shows the safety of commonly used herbal teas during pregnancy, or suspected pregnancy.

If you are not currently pregnant then most of the tea’s below will be safe, but they could cause changes with your health if used longer term. If you’re in doubt please consult a qualified herbalist.

Safe When PregnantCaution When PregnantUnsafe When Pregnant *
Ginger root (use only the fresh root – and not the dried root. Tea-bags contain the dried root).Red Raspberry Leaf (only for the last stage of pregnancy and never in early pregnancy)Chilli 
Rosehip (without Hibiscus)Echinacea (should not be used as a general ‘tea’ but only as a medicine for infections caused by “heat”)Chamomile
Peppermint (once every few days only)Lavender (only in the 3rd trimester)Fennel
Lemon Balm (once every few days only)Valerian (only under supervision) *Cinnamon
Nettles (past the 1st Trimester only – as it’s cooling and drying)Green, White, Red, Yellow or Purple, Oolong or PuErh Tea (only under supervision) *Rosebud
Black or green cardamomParsley (safe in small amounts only)Hibiscus
RooibosRosemary (only under supervision) *Red Clover
AshwagandhaMilk Thistle (only under supervision) *Chaste Berry / Vitex
He Shou WuDang Gui (only under supervision) *Dandelion Root Tea
Basil (do not consume large portions)Maca root (only under supervision) *Liquorice Root (avoid when pregnant)
Burdock Root (only under supervision) *Chai Tea
Wild Yam Root (only under supervision) *Black Cohosh (not to be used when pregnant)
Ginseng (only under supervision) *Mugwort
Aloe Vera (only under supervision) *Juniper Berry
Yellow Dock

* Unsafe when pregnant unless prescribed by a qualified and experienced Herbal Medicine Practitioner.






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