Can Chicken help fertility and your immune system?

Chicken soup, chicken bone broth, chicken stew, chicken curry, chicken ‘salad’ – there are so many delicious ways to use chicken!

Its selenium content can help support your immune system, which is particularly helpful if you have thyroid issues such as Hashimotos Thyroiditis. Just 200g of chicken provides you with 78% of your daily value of Selenium!

Key nutrients of Chicken are:

Vitamin B3: Niacin as with most other B vitamins is involved in energy production within the mitochondria of your cells (the powerhouse of the cell). Pregnancy requires good levels of niacin, as does breastfeeding.

Vitamin B6: Pyridoxine is involved in breaking many types of chemical bonds and is a component of many enzymes – which are involved in breaking down foods and substances, and also regulating steroid hormones.

Iron: a mineral that the body uses to carry oxygen in the blood. When the blood is oxygenated it can carry out its proper function, one of which is to nourish cells of all types including egg and sperm cells.

Potassium: an electrolyte that counteracts the effects of sodium, helping to maintain consistent blood pressure – another important focus for pregnancy.

Selenium: is one component of antioxidant enzymes and is also used by the body to help support thyroid health, particularly the conversion of thyroid hormones from one to the other. This can help support your thyroid health, which is fundamental for fertility health and pregnancy.


  • Treat Qi Deficiency
  • Treat Blood Stagnation
  • Strengthens the ‘5 Organs’


Qi is the word used in Chinese Fertility Medicine to describe energy, life force, or vitality inside and outside the body.

Qi is the non-physical aspect of your body that makes all of your organs and systems work.

This means that it’s vital for the function of all aspects of your fertility, and pregnancy health too. When your Qi is deficient your body struggles to function efficiently, and this can lead to a variety of fertility issues.

When Qi becomes more severely deficient you will likely present with hormone imbalance, typically with reduced Progesterone, Testosterone and/or FSH levels. In some cases the FSH can rise and present itself as being elevated, due to the ovaries or testes being underactive and sluggish (tired).

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Blood Stagnation refers to poor circulation of blood throughout the body.

This can manifest in any aspect of the body but is prevalent in many male fertility and also gynecological issues.

There are 2 main causes of Blood Stagnation:

  1. A genetic clotting disorder that directly causes the blood to clot more easily
  2. A Blood Deficiency pattern where the blood is weaker and cannot flow efficiently, causing it to become stagnant

Healthy Blood flow is vital to nourishing all the cells in your body, which include egg and sperm cells.

If blood flow reduces it may cause male and female fertility issues that typically present with either an obstruction in the flow of blood or fluids, or the development of a growth or mass.

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A term that Chinese medicine uses to describe a substance that supports the 5 vital organs (Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Liver, and Kidneys). These organs are referred to as the full organs (as opposed to the ‘empty organs’ such as the intestines, gallbladder, etc), and they are involved in all of our daily and fertility health balance and optimisation.

The Heart, Spleen, Liver, and Kidneys are particularly referred to as being involved in supporting the reproductive system in a variety of ways. Chicken has nutrients and specific qualities that have been recognised to support each of these systems and optimise the health of these organs.

In most cases, a food or other ingested substance will be affiliated with one or two vital organs, but in this case, Chicken supports all 5 – making it a special and high-quality food.

Season Available: Is typically eaten all year round now, but historically it’s a summer food.

Extra note: I typically recommend women use chicken more in the luteal phase.

It can also be used by people that have signs of Qi and Blood deficiency. For this, it should be combined with blood nourishing herbs – one of which is Goji Berries. This helps to more quickly build the blood quality, thereby improving nutrient flow to the reproductive area for women and men.

I previously published a post with my favourite chicken bone broth. Did you see it?

To find out more on the benefits of bone broth and get my recipe use this link:

Cautions: Due to its warm nature, avoid chicken if you have a fever, are thirsty or have a ‘Heat Pattern’ diagnosed by your practitioner.







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