Using Our Facebook Group

How to get the best help from us

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Using The Facebook Group

We want you to get the most out of our Facebook group, so that you are properly supported, have the best expert guidance, and can get quick and conscise advice for your journey.

Please use the following 4 steps when posting in the FB group:

1. Add Context to Your Post

When you post please provide basic context such as: 

age, how long you’ve been trying to conceive, if you are BBT charting or not, a short description of your fertility challenge etc.

This will help:

  1. us to respond with more relevant information. The more precise the question is, the more helpful the answer will be to you
  2. us to respond faster and with better and more tailored advice 
  3. other members to provide emotional support if they recognise your situation matches their experiences

When this information is missing it takes us longer to provide an answer for you.

2. How to post your BBT Charts 

BBT Charting is a powerful tool to evaluate your fertility health and find out what’s creating the delay in getting or staying pregnant. 

If you are not yet charting, we highly recommend to start. 

The only thing you need is a BBT thermometer and an app to track the daily temperatures. 

If you’re unsure about using BBT charting, Click here for Free access to a BBT Talk that Andrew gave on charting and understanding the chart patterns.

Once you have a full chart, feel free to post it in the FB Group any time and we will give you feedback. 

In order to give you the best advice, please post the full chart like the Fertilityfriend example below. 

Important: We need you to post a really clear picture that includes the temperature scale for us to be able to review it.

One of the apps we recommend to track your temperatures is Fertility Friend. 

It’s a powerful free app. 

There’s also a paid version with more features, but the basic features in the free version are usually sufficient. 

3. How to post medical test results

Many members have questions on test results for Andrew, and we’re happy to review any that you might have.

Please provide the tests in a clear format by listing the name of the test, measurement, and lab reference range in a word document and then either:

  1. Save it as a PDF and upload to your post
  2. Screenshot the document and attach to your post

Here’s an example of our preferred way for you to post your medical results:

Please, never post your full name, date of birth, or contact details – as everyone will see them.

Here two articles with more information on fertility testing for both women and men: 

4. Asking on behalf of your partner:

We’re happy to also offer advice for your partner.

Should you ask for advice on your partner’s behalf, please make sure that you ask for their consent before posting about them in the Facebook group. 

The same applies to posting a partner’s test results. 

ONLY post when your partner has consented.







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