Is rice really a helpful fertility food?

Is Rice helpful as a Fertility Food?

Rice is the seed of grass and is classed as a cereal grain.

Although brown rice is considered healthier and more nutrient-rich, it is harder to digest. If you have a weakened digestive system you are likely to use more energy digesting brown rice, than you will gain from it. Anyone with digestive issues should stick mostly to white rice, which the Chinese have consumed for around 8,000 years – based on this understanding.

Rice is carbohydrate-rich, and without the husk will convert to glucose (sugar) more quickly. If you eat too much there is a risk of causing unstable blood sugar levels and creating some issues with insulin (not good for any hormonal imbalance, or cystic condition such as PCOS).
The good news is that as long as you don’t consume more than 30% of rice in your diet, you should be fine.

Also, the speed at which rice converts to glucose will depend on how you cook it. If you cook your rice in bone stock, it absorbs the bone stock and will take longer for the body to break down – as the fat in the stock slows the process of conversion.
This is also true if you eat white rice with either plant oils (olive etc), fish oils from oily fish, or animal fats from cooking.

Rice contains:

  • B vitamins: involved in many biological functions and particularly energy production and conversion for cells – which affect all aspects of your health including egg and sperm cells.
  • Folate: also a B vitamin that helps the body form new cells and can prevent Spina Bifida
  • Iron: a mineral that the body uses to carry oxygen in the blood
  • Magnesium: a mineral that is involved in more than 300 biological functions and particularly useful for keeping cells protected from the effects of stress
  • Selenium: a mineral involved in supporting the immune system and regulating the thyroid gland.

Chinese medicine uses rice to:

  • Increase the Qi (core energy)
  • Strengthen digestion
  • Clear dampness (accumulated fluids)
  • Reduce swelling

Increasing Qi and strengthening the digestive system is fundamental to good health, which is
fundamental to good fertility.

The digestive organs breakdown, absorb, and transform everything you consume, turning the
usable nutrients into new usable fuel for all other systems in your body.
This produces Qi (energy), which supports the function of all of your systems.

Clearing dampness is also vital to many fertility issues, particularly Cysts, Fibroids, Polyps,
Candida and Thrush, Bacterial and Fungal infections, Urinary Infections, PCOS and any issue
that relates to accumulated waste or fluids.
Main Chinese Medicine Fertility Use:
Due to its Qi strengthening and Damp clearing properties, we use white rice frequently as a mild
medicine in most people’s diet – to promote energy and support a healthy digestive system.
These qualities make it useful for the following issues Pre-menstrual or around Ovulation:
  • Water retention and swelling – if you tend to fluid stagnation such as swollen painful
    breasts. Swollen ankles. Bloating.
  • Delayed or late ovulation.
  • Loose stools or diarrhea.

When to avoid:

There are very few situations where rice needs to be avoided completely.

The biggest concern for most people is overeating of rice. Grains (and other high starch tased foods) should make up no more than around 30% of your daily diet. Eating more than this on a regular basis may cause blood sugar issues and an increase in weight gain if you have an underachieve metabolism.



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