Dampness is the term used in Classical Chinese Medicine to describe an overabundance of ‘negative’ fluid that has accumulated in the body.

It’s classed as being a negative or pathogenic substance because it interupts the healthy balance and function of the body.

Dampness is not water directly, but instead a transformed aspect of water that has become more like mucus.

It is commonly created as a result of poor breakdown of foods, due to a weakness of the digestive system, but can also arise directly from eating foods that are known to cause mucus. 

Dampness presents as: mucus, phlegm, or water accumulation (edema) in many areas of the body and it builds up over time.

It’s at the root of many general and fertility health issues, and should be resolved as soon as possible to encourage health balance.

Dampness is typically involved in the following womens fertility health issues: 

  • PCOS
  • Fibroids
  • Polyps
  • Endometriosis
  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes
  • Hydrosalpinx
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • Excessive Vaginal Discharge throughout the month (not just at ovulation)
  • Vaginal Infections
  • Egg DNA/Gentic issues
  • Immune disorders including raised NK cells and Hashimotos Thyroiditis

Men will typically present with one or more of the following fertility issues:

  • High levels of sperm abnormalities (poor Morphology)
  • Elevated white blood cell in the semen
  • Antibodies in the semen
  • Thick consistency of semen
  • Discharge from the penis not related to ejaculation
  • Sperm DNA damage
  • Immune disorders including raised NK cells and Hashimotos Thyroiditis

Even if the above symptoms are not present you may still have some degree of Dampness.

Common and general health symptoms of Dampness for men and women are:

  • A thick coating on the tongue
  • Blocked nose or sinuses
  • Excessive mucus in the throat, or coughing up of mucus/phlegm
  • A feeling as if something is stuck in the throat
  • Fluid retention anywhere in the body
  • Increased body weight
  • Tiredness and a heavy sluggish feeling
  • Heavy head or dull achy and heavy types of headaches – mostly at the front of the head
  • Thrush, Candida
  • Fungal infections
  • UTI’s
  • Abnormal discharge from the ears, nose, mouth, anus, penis or vagina
  • Skin diseases such as Cystic Acne or Eczema (wet type)

Dampness is a common issue that is often connected to one or more underlying patterns of imbalance such as: Qi Deficiency, Yang deficiency, Qi Stagnation, Heat, or Blood Stagnation.

85-90%, of the 4000+ clients I have personally worked with around the world, have had some noticable level of Dampness that has caused issues with their fertility health.

I therefore believe it’s really important to identify whether you have any level of Dampness present, and if so, treat it by addressing the root pattern of imbalance that is causing the Dampness.

The method and intensity of treatment will depend on the degree of imbalance in each persons body, but prescribed herbal medicine is the method I have used with all of my clients with great success.

As always, the herbal medicine treatment should be supported with correct dietary and lifestyle practice, based on your root balance of health.

When food and fluids are properly digested by your body, and they circulate efficiently, then Dampness is unable to accumulate and create the many fertility issues I’ve listed above.

How Dampness Affects Egg and Sperm Health

As Dampness is basically accumulated fluids, it is able to interrupt the flow of healthy fluids such as the blood.

Good blood flow is vital for taking nutrients to the egg and sperm cells, as well as removing waste.

When egg or sperm cells lack good blood flow they receive less nutrients, develop poorly, deteriorate in quality, and accumulate waste (Dampness) in the local areas around them – causing further complications.

Dampness also creates an environment for bacterial and fungal infection and overgrowth, creating issues such as: STI’s, Candida, Thrush, UTIs and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – all of which can negatively impact egg, sperm, and reproductive health.

Reducing dampness can take some time, but the physical and emotional rewards are worth it!

Some common foods to reduce dampness are:

Chillies, BarleyGarlicGinger, Mushrooms, Kohlrabi, Asparagus, Radish, Crab, Spring onions, Pumpkin, Celeriac, White fish, Rice.

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