Why Leafy Greens Are Vital For Fertility!

Leafy greens come in many different varieties, some of which are only seen in the warmer seasons, like lettuces & rocket, whilst others which are available almost all year round. Many are eaten fresh, some being suitable to store through winter.

We should add leafy greens into our diet on a daily basis – steamed, boiled, baked, in soups, homemade pesto, and stir fries etc.

Common examples of leafy greens are:
Microgreens: sprouted seeds such as alfalfa, wheatgrass etc
Beet greens
Pak Choi…
There are too many to list them all, especially if we include all the wild plants we can forage & eat – such as Chickweed, Dandelion leaf, Jack-by-the-Hedge and Ramsons etc.

Key nutrients of Leafy greens are:

  • Fibre normalizes bowel movements by increasing the weight and size of your stool and softening it
  • Iron creates healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells.
  • Magnesium for bone health & to support calcium absorption and decrease stress effects
  • Potassium helps muscles contract, the heart beat healthily and to regulate blood pressure.
  • Calcium for your heart, bones, muscles & nerves.
  • The dark greens act as antioxidants in the body & supply a significant amount of folate, a B vitamin that promotes heart health and helps prevent birth defects.


Each variety of leafy greens has different qualities according to Chinese medicine. As a general rule, they will cover one or several of the following qualities.

  • Clear Heat
  • Treat Blood Deficiency
  • Treat Qi Stagnation


Heat is a pattern of imbalance in Chinese Fertility Medicine that refers to one or more of the following: a feeling of heat in your body, a measured fever, or some type of inflammation typically related to infection.

It presents with signs of over-activity, mood changes, inflammatory issues, discolouration of body fluids, and symptoms of dryness and heat.

Too much heat typically affects the fluid and blood balance of the body and this can impact egg and sperm quality to varying degrees.

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Blood deficiency is a Chinese Fertility Medicine term used to describe an imbalance in the quality of the blood.

The blood is responsible for circulating nutrients throughout the body to all of your cells, including egg and sperm cells.

When it is deficient the blood can’t properly nourish the body and certain aspects of health get out of balance.

This can impact egg and sperm health as the deficient blood is unable to transport necessary nutrients to the eggs and sperm – causing a depletion in their quality, quantity, and activity.

If the Blood deficiency reaches a deeper level of imbalance you will see physiological changes in the blood, such as reduced iron, haemoglobin, ferritin, B-vitamins and other nutrients. You may also see changes in the volume and quantity of the blood cells and it’s clotting ability or nature.

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Qi (pronounced chee) is the Chinese Fertility Medicine word used to describe energy, life force, or vitality inside and outside the body.

Qi must always flow efficiently through the body to properly support the thousands of functions required of the organs and systems every day.

If the flow of Qi slows down, it is regarded as being a Qi Stagnation pattern.

This typically results in a variety of symptoms that can lead to stress, mood changes, hormonal imbalance, and other functional symptoms reflecting a lack of circulation in the body.

All of these have the ability to affect your fertility health as the regulation and ‘switching’ of hormones, fluids, energy, blood require a smooth and constant flow of energy to work properly.

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