Beef is great for fertility – here’s why!

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Blood Deficiency, Fertility Foods, Qi Deficiency

Good quality, grass-fed beef should be included in your diet at least 3-4 times a week.

Ideally, you should have a variety of meats each week and rotate through them.

When using foods medicinally according to the ancient Chinese dietary system that I use with my clients, you eat different meats at different stages of your menstrual cycle to properly support each phase.

Beef can be eaten all the way through the cycle but is better during the follicular phase.

The best way to eat beef is when it has been cooked gently & slowly for a long time, this makes it easier for the digestive system to extract nutrients as the cooking process has done much of the work for you.

Casseroles & stews are a favourite but good quality steak mince & the odd fillet steak is really good too.

Beef is rich in:

  • Protein: to provide a deep source of energy to support all functions and processes within your body.
  • Vitamin B12: to help keep nerve and blood cells healthy and help make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. It also helps prevent anaemia that causes tiredness and weakness.
  • Zinc: related to a healthy immune system, preventing recurrent colds, aids in wound healing, improves sperm count and health, lowering levels of inflammation in chronic disease, and age-related sight deterioration.
  • Selenium: reduces inflammation, regulates heart rhythm, supports healthy Thyroid function, supports sperm development & increases motility, supports the first trimester of pregnancy reducing miscarriage, improves mood, supports the immune system and maintains youth.
  • Iron: replenishes the blood and produces healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells
  • Niacin: lowers cholesterol, lowers blood fats, improves brain function, supports joint & skin problems
  • Vitamin B6: is important for metabolism, brain and liver function, growth, and building blood cells, as well as for maintaining healthy hair, skin, and vision.
  • If you cook beef broth from bones or oxtail (which is a good source of lean beef) you can add calcium to this list of goodness too – supportive of the bones, nerve & heart function.

Reading the benefits that some of these vitamins & minerals have individually can seem too good to be true. It’s important to remember that these are best obtained from a varied diet & not taken in an isolated form as a supplement. An excess of many of these vitamins & minerals can be as harmful to health as they are beneficial in the recommended amounts.

Chinese Medicine uses Beef to:

  • Build blood & Qi
  • Strengthen the digestive system
  • Relieve water retention
  • Strengthen bones and tendons

Building blood & Qi is hugely beneficial when improving your fertility.

Beef will address many deficiencies to support a healthy menstrual cycle.

Tiredness, weakness, irregular cycles, amenorrhea, feeling the cold, dysmenorrhea and light menstrual bleeds can all be helped with the use of this meat.

Beef supports the building of blood & is best eaten in the follicular phase after menstruation has occurred, to support follicle growth and the building of a good endometrium and balanced hormones.



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